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I am ready to go.
My aim is clear. My heart is on fire


Off track

I love the freedom of travelling. I can´t wait to discover what´s beyond the horizon. It comes as a surprise to me when someone says they are not curious about what’s beyond the next bend. I actively looks for places that represent the edge of the world.

One of my upcoming journeys will take me on a bike trip around the Vietnamese outback. I will keep you posted.

On track

In 2016 my Audi TT was soaring. It was a year of learning. In 2017 i upgraded to the new Audi RS3 in ADAC TCR Germany and this was truly a year of competition.

Now, moving into 2017, the bar is raised and my focus sharpened. Together with Target Competition I will take on the best of the best, driving a monster: I can´t wait to get to pole position in my Lamborghini.

The Explorer

The Driver

"Too young to race but that didn't´t stop me. I became a very young Abarth, Ginetta G40 and Ginetta Jr UK scholarship finalist"

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Now or Never

all or nothing

I am Simon Larsson

I am a 20 year old race car driver, born and raised in the south of Sweden. In 2016 I did my third international racing season.I have learned a lot during these last three years but as a race car driver and as a person.

Every time I sit in my race car I get better and faster, but I also get a really big smile on my lips. Last year I drove Audi Sport TT Cup, I finished P6 in the Rookie cup. This year I will keep racing in an Audi but in the Audi RS3 LMS. This car will run against 40 other cars in TCR Germany.

Motocross from early age

My interest from engines and racing started at an age of two. My Dad and older brother drove Motocross and I loved it. When my older sister Felicia got a Minicross Yamaha PW 50 and I wanted to drive it.

My dad got a used sidecar and added that to the PW and off we went. I could drive but my sister had to pull back my hand from the gas, not to crash. When I was four I got my first Motocross bike, a KTM 50 SX Pro. It was to wild for me som our Danish friend made the clutch a little bit soft and then I cold drive.

I drove in local races and club races in Sweden.I also rode the Fast50’s bikes. I liked to ride on gokart tracks as supermoto. It was great fun. I started to ride club races again with a Suzuki 65cc bike, but then my family started to quit, and my 4-wheel career started.

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Short CV

20 years old from Sweden (born 1997) Coach: Ola Nilsson, Porsche Carrera Cup Germany and Scirocco Cup Champion.

Racing Cups

Motocross 50-65 cc in Sweden

Karting Micro, Mini and KZ-2 in Sweden local races

Driving Abarth and Ginetta G40 (too young to race) and Ginetta Jr UK scholarship finalist

Ginetta GT 5 Challenge, 5th overall in Sweden ,3rd place in SPA Francorchamps Ginetta Sweden

Volkswagen Scirocco R CUP 10th overall Jr Cup , 6th place Jr in Red Bull Ring. Youngest driver.

Volkswagen Golf CUP, 10th place in Slovakia Ring and 20th place overall, 2nd youngest driver in the CUP

Dubai 24H Endurance, 3rd place in TouringCar class A3 in Seat Supercopa, Audi TT Cup 6th Place in Junior class, 4 races in TCR

TCR Germany with Target Competition, Raced Audi RS 3 LMS

Lamborghini Super Trofeo Europe


I am ready to go. My aim is clear. My heart is on fire

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It´s time to heal the


Plastic Ocean

It can’t really be avoided any longer. Single-use plastics are a human addiction that we must face head on. Plastic pollution is not only impacting our waters and marine life, but also the human food chain and our overall health. 

i am s1mon

Always and forever

In it to win it

I work with Jonas Sveberg

Jonas and me work closely together to build long term, fruitful relationships with ambitious brands, sharing my passion for speed and for doing the right thing from a global and environmental perspective.. Jonas is a powerhouse of creativity, constantly bringing cool ideas and unique solutions to promote and develop my racing career.

Curious about

Svebergs has worked with sports stars / artists since 1986! Starting own business in 1999, developing it to the Sponsor / PR Broker 2003!

Our experience o success is based on our contacts all over the world!Today we are a unique company that works with the “Red Thread” Sponsor Broker / Co-Branding / Brand care / PR / Image goes hand in hand and reinforce everyone’s brand every day.

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