until i run
out of roads

I will never stop searching.

go for the gap


Reasons for driving 2 wheels only

In some way or another motorcycling will make you cooler than everyone else. When you see someone on a motorcycle, you think: "I wonder where they're going.'"

Soon: join me on my journey to outback Vietnam. 2 wheels and 800 miles through unique wildlife and culture.

What is the Racing Line?

The racing line is the fastest line or arc through a corner on a race circuit. The goal is to always carry as much speed in the braking zone, through the corner and onto the next straight.

Here’s a summary of how to take the racing line:

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going for
the gap

My favorite race tracks

Spa is entirely signature corner - every single bend is challenging and epic. Once you leave La Source hairpin with Eau Rouge in your sights, the throttle (at least in an F1 car) isn't lifted until you arrive at the Les Combes complex 2 kilometres later.

Nurburging Nordschleife
The track features  154 corners and measures 21 kilometres in length. It includes every type of turn imaginable. At Nordschleife you are truly man and machine - out there on your own and left to your own devices.

It´s time to heal the


Plastic Oceans

It can’t really be avoided any longer. Single-use plastics are a human addiction that we must face head on.

Plastic pollution is not only impacting our waters and marine life, but also the human food chain and our overall health. We believe you can by rethinking your consumption of single-use plastics. Change is possible.

– I was just left without any words to speak, just simply watching in awe at the majestic beauty right in front of me.

– It was clear straight away that I had never been anywhere else like it. I knew straight away this was going to be a real adventure.

At Lamborghini Malmö Sweden

In January, there will be get-together at Lamborghini Malmö, where I get the chance to share facts about my upcoming season. I will compete in the European Super Trofeo series in the new Hurácan Super Trofeo Evo together with the champion team: a Target Competition from Italy.

The team will be joining me for a presentation of the 3-year venture Lamborghini Malmö and I will be a part of. The guests will experience the two team cars live for the first time in Sweden – before they are transported to Italy for preparation and testing for the 2018 season.

In the evening, Johan Mårtensson will also present Lamborghini from a brand perspective and there will also be short presentations from my sponsors.

i am s1mon

Always and forever

In it to win it

I work with Jonas Sveberg

Jonas and me work closely together to build long term, fruitful relationships with ambitious brands, sharing my passion for speed and for doing the right thing from a global and environmental perspective.. Jonas is a powerhouse of creativity, constantly bringing cool ideas and unique solutions to promote and develop my racing career.

Curious about

Svebergs has worked with sports stars / artists since 1986! Starting own business in 1999, developing it to the Sponsor / PR Broker 2003!

Our experience o success is based on our contacts all over the world!Today we are a unique company that works with the “Red Thread” Sponsor Broker / Co-Branding / Brand care / PR / Image goes hand in hand and reinforce everyone’s brand every day.

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