Race 2 victory
in world final


"In the very last race of the season, we won the Pro-Am class on Vallelunga. I am extremely satisfied with our performance in this World Final – a spectacular event, bringing together all the top drivers from the Trofeo series."

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1 am s1mon


press room
"We won at SPA! It was fantastic, standing on the podium, seeing the Swedish flag waving and knowing, today we were the best at Spa Francorchamps."
To me, this was a comeback, being hit two times in Race 1, ending outside the circuit and with no points. This time, we did everything right and when we perform like this we are truly fast together.

Today though, our thoughts go to Fredrik Blomqvist who crashed hard and also to the workers who where involved in the incident. Thankfully everybody is OK now.

Now we look forward to Nurburgring where wee need to be at our very best to get as many points as possible. Exciting!

flying start

Double podium at 2018 Monza Super Trofeo

press room
Me and team mate Dennis Lind took double podiums in the opening round of Lamborghini Super Trofeo 2018 in Monza.

Motorhead drummer Mikkey Dee, who came to see us perform. It was absolutely awesome to show what Dennis and me are made of. Our Motorhead livery drew some serious attention at the race and having Mikkey on site added to the heavy metal vibe.
With a line-up of 47 new Lamborghini Huracán Super Trofeo Evos, this Monza weekend, which inaugurated the tenth season of the Lamborghini one-make series, saw me and team mate Dennis Lind deliver on our promises!


motÖrhead livery

Lamborghini Huracan Super Trofeo Evo

this year i am driving in a new livery design done in cooperation with Motörhead. mission is to create a legend where Motorsport and Heavy Metal meet!

Dec 14 2017:
After a very successful test for Lamborghini Motorsport in Italy, I am ready for the European series Super Trofeo 2018.

I demonstrated during the test, showed that I can master the powerful performance of the 620 horsepower V10 and have now been given the chance to drive the new Lamborghini Huracan Super Trofeo Evo in the next years series.

The venture is in collaboration with Lamborghini Sweden and the Italian world champion team in TCR, Target Competition.

“This is a 3 year program for Target Competition to move into GT3 which is also our ultimate goal as a team. We won everything in TCR the last yearsand we want to win now in Super Trofeo series by Lamborghini

In January, there will be get-together at Lamborghini Malmö, where I get the chance to share facts about my upcoming season.

I will compete in the European Super Trofeo series in the new Hurácan Super Trofeo Evo together with the champion team: a Target Competition from Italy. At this event, guests will experience the two team cars live for the first time in Sweden

For more info, contact Johan Mårtensson
at Lamborghini Malmö.

Interested in teaming up with me?
For sponsorship information, contact my agent Jonas Sveberg


Dec 14 2017:
Tough weekend for Simon Larsson at ADAC TCR Germany. Nowhere near top positions, Simon did provide good entertainment by performing extremely strong at some segments of the race.

ADAC TCR Germany is a extremely dense competition with mere milliseconds separating top positions from the lower segment.

Simon managed to produce a top 6 lap time, however the referees suggested he was off bounds by a few centimeters, resulting in penalty and a starting poition as No 15.

Unfortunately Simon did not manage to recover from these initial challenges, so while driving extremely well during some parts of the final laps, Red Bull Ring was a lost cause this time around.

Everybody in Oschersleben on


Dec 14 2017:
Premiären på Tyska Oschersleben skulle bli ett mycket händelsrikt race, helt i publikens smak. Simons spektakulära framfart gav mycket TV tid, även om det till slut blev en 27:e plats i det 44 bilar starka fältet, rekord för TCR.

Simon som varit lite krasslig under dagen, startade 21:a, vilket i princip var mitt i fältet. Tidsmässigt skiljer det otroligt lite mellan förarna och med 44 bilar på den 3,6 Km länga banan i Östra Tyskland, visste vi det skulle bli ett race i sann touringcar anda...

Simon är uppe runt 17:e plats när han blir påkörd, där han gör en drifting övning, håller sig kvar på banan men tappar placeringar.

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