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To drive in the Motörhead car is just insane, this is the band I listened to growing up and now I can represent them and heavy metal, driving a 620 Hp Italian bull that screams Rock’n Roll!

Check out Motörhead livery design slideshow below

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For Lamborghini Super Trofeo 2018 together with Target Competition.

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After a very successful test for Lamborghini Motorsport in Italy, I am ready for the European series Super Trofeo 2018.

I demonstrated during the test, showed that I can master the powerful performance of the 620 horsepower V10 and have now been given the chance to drive the new Lamborghini Huracan Super Trofeo Evo in the next years series.

The 2017 season saw Simon driving in on of the world’s toughest Touring car
championships, the German TCR with 44 starting cars on various European race tracks. It became an eventful season with with a lot of action on the track and an Audi RS3 which did not perform the way the team hoped it would, neither when it came to speed nor reliability. Basically everything that was possible to break on the car, broke, which had a negative effect on the 2017 season in terms of points.

Simon showed his capability at Zandvoort circuit and became number 7th out of 44 starting cars. A placement that was taken away from him the day after due to a protest from a Finnish driver… “It is time for me to move ahead, my dream is to drive GT3 at the highest level, which I am now one step closer to doing. The Super Trofeo car will on some tracks be faster than any of the GT3 cars and have more than 60 horsepower compared to a GT3. It is a dream coming true that I have been given this opportunity by Target Competition and Lamborghini.

My goal next year is to get in to the Lamborghini Young Drivers Program, because then you will become a brand driver and they will help you pursue a GT3 career. After all, I am only 20 years old so I have several years to get a spot in their Young Driver Program, which allows you to be up to 25 years old” - Simon Larsson says.

The venture is in collaboration with Lamborghini Sweden and the Italian world champion team in TCR, Target Competition. “This is a 3 year program for Target Competition to move into GT3 which is also our ultimate goal as a team. We won everything in TCR the last years and we want to win now in Super Trofeo series by Lamborghini.

We will enter the European series with 2 cars and 4 drivers and the first one ready for 2018 is Simon Larsson that we now know for almost 2 years time"- Says Andreas Gummerer, Target Competition. For the 20 year old Simon Larsson, who nowadays lives in Stockholm, this will be his 5th season in international racing and he has already participated in 70 starts during his career.

Super Trofeo 2018 will be held at Silverstone, Monza, Spa Francorchamps, Nurburgring and Misano. The location of the world final where all of the three series meet (Asia, Europe and the US) has not yet been decided.

“You have to grab the opportunity when you get the chance, I could have continued a long time in TCR, I have gotten used to that type of car after all of the years I have spent with Golf, Scirocco, Audi TT and Audi RS3, but you can not turn down an opportunity like this. I know that it is going to get though and the car is incredibly fast, however it is also insanely fun to drive” - Simon finishes.

Nervousness is good. Fear is bad.

I anchor myself in order to get into the zone right before my race.  While waiting for green light, I design some move or saying that will anchor your mental status and let you know that you are ready to race. I do the same move before each race. Like Phelps, swinging his arms behind his back, or shadow boxing like Gary Jr, I create a move that helps put me in the ‘I am ready’ zone.

Most important of all; I have no fear.  Nervousness is good. Fear is bad. There is a difference. Fear is allowing someone or something in the race to intimidate you. If you trained properly and have visualized yourself succeeding enough, then you have no reason to fear anyone or anything. Be confident in yourself and own the day that you race.

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Coeli är en svensk kapitalförvaltare med förtroendet att förvalta mer än 13 miljarder kronor åt våra kunder. Vi skapar mervärde i kundernas investeringar, till så förutsägbar avkastning som möjligt.Vi vänder oss till både företag och privatpersoner, till både professionella investerare som kan sin sak och till de som behöver hjälp av experter med sina investeringar. Våra kunder finns runt om i hela världen.


Sedermera Fondkommission är ett värdepappersbolag under Finansinspektionens tillsyn och en bifirma till ATS Finans AB. Vi har huvudkontor i ”Skånepalatset” i Malmö, mitt i den innovativa och expansiva Öresundsregionen. Baserat på gränsöverskridande tillstånd är vi finansiella rådgivare till bolag inom olika branscher i hela Sverige och andra nordiska länder.

Practicing is crucial to mental preparation and performance. When you put in practice, you can go into the race with confidence, trust in your abilities, and rely on instincts based on muscle memory...

Raising the bar

I was 16 years old when I applied to Volkswagen Motorsport in Germany to join a 2 day qualification round in Oschersleben. It was more than 500 applicants and only 30 people got the chance. So I was thrilled about getting a chance to show my skills with young drivers from all around the world.

In 2015 I was supposed to continue with Scirocco R cup but it was cancelled and Audi took over. I have been looking over many plausible series to contest in, but none has been as good as Volkswagen Golf cup. The series has a perfect layup for me to grow in and get even more experienced and even faster than before. It is also a really good place for my sponsors. I can offer more for my main sponsors this year than I could before. This year will be full focus on my racing, and this year I really got the chance to show what I am capable of!

2016: I have just finished of the year and it was not a perfect season but it was good and I have learned so much during the year that I get impressed when I look back over the year. 

This is 2017. Now it´s me and my Lambo! I am up against the toughest  competition and the most demanding race tracks. I have never been more prepared. I have never been more pumped.

Moments before the race
I calibrate every cell in


How I prepare

My secret sauce: I visualize my ideal performance. I imagine myself being successful in this scenario over and over again...

Music is central to me. I listen to my favorite songs to manage strong emotions. I put some headphones in or listen on a speaker with some teammates to immerse myself in the music.

Genres with driving beats and aggressive lyrics, such as pop, hip hop, or rap, are perfect for pumping yourself up pre-race.

If I find myself overwhelmed and tense on race day, I try a short meditation session. To practice meditating, I sit in a comfortable, quiet place. I Close your eyes, clear my mind, and focus on deep breathing for 10-20 minutes. 

i am s1mon

Always and forever

In it to win it

I work with Jonas Sveberg

Jonas and me work closely together to build long term, fruitful relationships with ambitious brands, sharing my passion for speed and for doing the right thing from a global and environmental perspective.. Jonas is a powerhouse of creativity, constantly bringing cool ideas and unique solutions to promote and develop my racing career.

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Svebergs has worked with sports stars / artists since 1986! Starting own business in 1999, developing it to the Sponsor / PR Broker 2003!

Our experience o success is based on our contacts all over the world!Today we are a unique company that works with the “Red Thread” Sponsor Broker / Co-Branding / Brand care / PR / Image goes hand in hand and reinforce everyone’s brand every day.

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